Vanessa Aranegui

Boss Lady

Hey there,

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope we get to work together soon. I've been in and out of the industry for 20 years, and have been coaching actors for about a decade. 


I've always had a deep curiosity about the human condition and behavior, which really has fueled my love for acting, art, and truth. When I work, either on my own project or with others, I'm laser focused on finding the most truthful path to a deepened connection.

I'm in the process of expanding my business to encompass more elements of the industry and creativity that I enjoy, and look forward to sharing that with you soon!


Boss Kitty

Hello human,

First off, I'm the boss boss, so if you're allergic to my fluffy self, let my human know so she can give me an extra brushing and wipe down the space.


Technically, I'm not allowed in the actual studio space, but sometimes I sneak in there for just a moment before my human catches me, NINJA KAT!

I think humans are dumb, but kinda like pets, even if it's with your weird looking paws. I don't know why Vanessa keeps letting you humans into my space, but one day I will dominate my domain, so enjoy it while you can!