Audition Taping

Yes, there's something about an in-person audition that is uniquely magical, however taped auditions deserve their own bit of love.  Taped auditions allow you the a freedom and control that is easy to forget when you're in the audition room. 

When we tape together, we'll read everything once through just to make sure we're on the same page before we begin.


 I'll be your reader and handle all the technical aspects so that you can focus on your craft. I'm available to answer any questions and help you hash out any aspects of your audition upon request. Otherwise, I'll just record and let you work.

After the audition, I'll edit per CD instructions and will mail and/or upload your audition wherever you'd like. 

Pricing for

Audition Taping

*Feedback available upon request

Standard In Studio or Via Zoom


$15 / 15min

Extended Hours


$25 /15min

Overnight Hours


$120 / hour

Travel Option

Interested in my coming to you? Contact me to discuss traveling fee and pricing.



Some people believe that acting is "being someone else," but I lend myself to the idea that acting is being the most full version of yourself. Regardless of what philosophy or approach you follow, the end goal is the same: to live organically moment to moment.


To reach that goal, we'll use your training and  your own experience as a... well, human... partnered with my 20+ years of training, experience, and obsession in human behavior.

Whether it's for theater or on camera, I look forward to working with you and discovering the depth and life in your art.

Pricing for


*Taping not included

Customized Audition Prep Guide

Receive a video with basic script breakdown & things to consider for your specific audition

$10 / page

Audition Coaching Only

We'll breakdown, prepare, and rehearse your audition.

$50 / 30 min

$85 / 60 min

Role Prep

Booked? Congratulations!

Now let's get ready to work!

$85 / 60 min