There is no fast track in this industry, and it can sometimes be quite overwhelming and confusing, especially when trying to figure it out on your own. 

If you're looking to get started, get unstuck, or get a handle on your overall career, let's have an honest chat about where you are and  set a clear plan to help you arrive to where you want to be.


Career Coaching


Self Submission

Are you having a hard time being consistent with self submissions? 

After we set some parameters, we'll consistently submit you to projects on the platforms of your choosing, so you can put of your time on focusing on your craft.

The headshot is your calling card. We can hash out the details on what you're goals are, what to wear, how to communicate with your photographer, and can help you review your proofs .


I'm also available to be at the shoot per your request, travel fee applies, to navigate the shoot so that you can simply focus on your moment.


 Headshot Prep

It All Comes Down To Essence and Branding

Some actors shy away from solidifying their essence because they fear being "type cast." Most of the actors who are worried about this, are really putting the cart before the horse. If you're not being cast, you are not in a position to worry about being "type cast."

You wouldn't you cast Jack Nicholson as Forrest Gump, right?What discovering your essence and brand actually does for you, is helps you access the way of least resistance into the industry and bookings. Once you hone who you are, you'll know what limits to push.

Don't confuse Essence and Branding. Essence or type is the vibe you give off at first glance... or two. It's how other people see you.

Brand is who you are and what you will contribute. It's the throughline from you essence to your work.

It's how you see yourself.

One on One Career Coaching

$60 / hour

Submission Platform Set-Up

$25 / 30 min

Submitting to Gigs on Platforms

$25 / week / platform

Headshot Prep

Before Shoot

$25 / 30 

On-Site Headshot Coaching

$50 / hour

Plus traveling fee


$60 / hour